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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

intercession for the transgressor-- day 33 of 40

"Recently I was meditating on the beauty of Christ’s intercession or, should I say, the beauty of his brutal and bloody work on the cross. There was nothing about his life that was sterile, painless, and plastic. He was a man of sorrows acquainted with grief, but for the joy set before Him of the harvest of souls, he endured the cross and despised the shame. Christ was an intercessor.

The difference between prayer and intercession is that in intercession we offer our bodies as a living sacrifice. We walk the Via Dolorosa. We bear the reproach. Our death becomes the highway upon which the captives walk over to freedom.

A few years ago, one of our leaders had a dream. In the dream, a prophetic father was speaking with me and before us stood a great field with brush and thorns. Beyond the field was a great field of splendid wheat. He said to me in the dream, “The harvest is guaranteed if you can make it through the thorns.” Jesus made it through the thorns on His head for the joy set before Him. May we continue through the thorns for the guaranteed harvest!"

-Lou Engle

wow... to be an intercessor like Jesus... is so humbling to think about. He paid it all, he suffered and endured through everything. and if christ is our example, we too must give it all. this is the life of an intercessor. Suffering is written in the blood of those who fully give their lives to Christ, but joy evermore and everlasting is found at their right hand.
Jesus make me an intercessor for your namesake.

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